Neck Firming Complex addresses the effects of time on the neck and décolleté with this luxurious serum to help erase lines and wrinkles and firm sagging skin. Powerfully active peptides harnessed from non-embryonic stem cellsfuse with dynamic moisturizers. A lush firming complex dives deep to tighten skin as potent enzymes rediscover elasticity that’s been lost. All the while smoothing away the telling pattern of aging skin.

Using the power of peptides derived from non-embryonic human stem cells along with highly potent specialized ingredients, including dynamic moisturizers. Lifeline’s Neck Firming Complex restores the appearance of a firmer, smoother, younger looking neck and a healthy looking skin tone. This age fighting formulation provides rapid results to visibly smooth, lift, and tighten aging skin on the neck and décolleté. Neck and and chest are firmer, tighter, and visibly lifted. Skin feels smoother and softer, and brighter in tone. Key Ingredients:

    • PEPTIDES FROM HUMAN STEM CELLS – Contains Lifeline Skin Care’s Proprietary Peptide Formula utilizing patented non-embryonic human stem cell derivatives. Acknowledged by science as the body’s building blocks, stem cells stimulate the natural production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid; all of which are essential to a body’s ability to rejuvenate and repair damaged cells.
    • ESSENSKIN – Supplies calcium and essential amino acids for increased skin density, firmness, elasticity and smooth appearance.
    • MELAVOID – This plant-based agent addresses pigmentation issues by balancing skin tone.
    • PUMPKIN ENZYME – Promotes consistent skin tone and coloration.
    • BIOPHYTEX – Soothes and calms fragile skin to reduce appearance of redness and blotchiness.LIFELINE SKINCARE NECK FIRMING COMPLEX 40mL

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